You can’t out-exercise…

… a crappy diet.

016I’m feeling a bit ranty … excuse me, please. I’ll keep it short!

I had to go to a work function tonight. Straight from the office, board members and the senior executive team, along with a number of stakeholders. A meet and greet, a chance to engage in a less formal setting, lots of smiling, talking – analysing the election results – you know the deal.

But can someone please explain to me – why¬† is the food served at these things always utter crap? Everything that came out was deep-fried, or full of carbs (and not in a complex, good way). Sparkling wine, white wine, red wine and processed fruit juice. I had to specifically ask for mineral water – and then I wasn’t offered a top up all night (as wine glasses were constantly topped up around me).

I know the score, and I was prepared. I ate before I left, I managed to get some mineral water – but I fail to understand why, when we know so much about food and obesity, we continue to hold functions that make it almost impossible to stick to plan or eat well. I know that for some people in the room, this was dinner – and there wasn’t a vegetable in sight! Four out of five of the food options were deep-fried. This was a function in a large hotel chain – it’s lazy, unimaginative catering. It’s not like it is hard to throw some healthy options into the mix – lots of places do it really well. This stuff didn’t even manage to look appetising!

I’m going to raise it at work tomorrow – I work for a health organisation, and we should demand better – but really, I find it hard to believe this is the best that a hotel kitchen can serve up. That it is even seen as acceptable.

And don’t tell me that environment isn’t an important factor in our rising overweight and obesity rates.

End rant. For now.

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